We develop projects and activities that are socially empowering and hinged on Nature-Based Solutions (NbS). 

How do we do it?

Our main objective is to strengthen communities’ response to challenges such as climate change, food security, biodiversity loss, human health, and sustainable energy. 

food into your hands

Grow Your Food!

Grow healthy, safe, and delicious food without the use of soil and all year round. Our hydroponics kits can provide a fun and easy way to achieve indoor/outdoor vertical farming at home, office, or school. Growing your food has never been so fast and easy.  We want to empower communities to take control of what we eat and make sure it is safe, nutritious, environmentally friendly, and of course delicious…we are taking food into our hands! 

Consulting & Cooperation

Science + Design + Regeneration

We help set strategies and projects to raise biodiversity, mitigate environmental impact, monitor pollutants, and transform areas into green productive spaces through sustainable economic development projects.

fish and girl

Education & Outreach

Our education support is designed to accommodate learners of all ages and abilities, providing hybrid nature-based solutions online and onsite to help them engage and act within a circular economy and sustainability perspective. We offer a range of topics, including biodiversity, sustainability, hydroponics, vertical farming, and aquaponics – all of which will help students gain the skills to become environmental stewards.