Promote science learning, captivate your students, and create new challenges with our edtech bio-systems and innovative STEAM kits. Your classes will foster and motivate a spirit of conservation of biodiversity, critical thinking with an environmental conscience, and they will be remarkable!

Aprendizaje basado en proyectos, Project-based learning

¿How does it work?


We collect video and live data from our bio-systems and make it accessible in a user-friendly manner, ready to use in the classroom.


Here you will find teaching content and assessment that promote competences and abilities in the field of science, math, and language. Also, apply concepts and processes with our hands-on STEAM kits and create a real world positive impact. 


Interaction and follow-up for: Competences – Strengths – Performances – Weaknesses

E-learning STEAM

  • Engage and motivate students by using  live interactions from bio-systems and key STEAM projects
  • Promote critical thinking and improve cognitive skills through comparison, planning, and analysis. 
  • Our didactic hands-on kits STEAM based  aim at real world biodiversity, food security and nutrition challenges.
  • Pace: 6-72 hours according to program and methodology.
  • Age range: 9 to 14.

Science educational content

  • Concepts & processes knowledge
  • Communication and teamwork
  • Critical thinking  and process of inquiry
  • Science integration in personal and social perspectives
  • Math application
  • Digital technology and data analysis
  • Scientific method

Didactic steam material that revitalize the learning and teaching experience

Give students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills through engaging science projects aimed at solving real world problems. We design projects for primary and middle school students, which can also be Curriculum Aligned

Aprendizaje basado en proyectos, Project-based learning

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math

Bring together concepts, processes, and methods, across different disciplines  and solve real world environmental, biodiversity, and food problems. Educate on competences and start preparing students for the future!


Teach with our STEAM kits with a real world impact!

We created “put together” bee hotels, pollinator gardens, and aeroponic gardens, which can be assembled by students and monitored with sensors.

Guidance, instructions, and course contents are available at our platform 

Bee Hotels

Bee Hotels
Learn about pollinators and help them thrive in your community!
Put them together!
Our kits are designed for easy hands-on class activities.
Observe & learn!
Follow-up on the biological development of insects.

Pollinator Garden

Create a Pollinator Oasis
Plant suitable flowering plants for pollinators.
Native Wild Flowers
Teach the importance of creating pollinator-friendly habitats with a botanical interest.
Observe & learn!
Follow-up on plant development and the close relationship of pollinators and plants.

Aeroponic Garden

STEAM Gardening
Take healthy eating and food nutrition one step further!
Grow Plants In Mist
No soil is used and rather a nutrient rich solution constantly bathes plant roots promoting rapid growth.
Observe & learn!
Observe vegetables grow, learn how to harvest, apply biological and ecological concepts.
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