Can human activity have an effect on Earth's environment?

Many times the lack of knowledge and understanding about something can have terrible consequences. Currently, we are facing many changes in our environment, ecosystems, biodiversity, and ultimately these changes will have an impact on us, our food, and in the way we live, is time we do something about the climate crisis, and take urgent action.

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Modeling the Greenhouse effect

This activity can be done at the beginning, during, or at the end of the climate action course. It is meant to be as flexible as needed. Development of the Analysis” section can be done as students learn and master concepts and processes, and can present their results at the end of the climate action course.  

Modeling the Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse project


  1. Cardboard box

  2. Recycled plastic bag

  3. Tape or pins

  4. 2 thermometers

  5. Heat source – lamp


  1. Work by pairs or small groups. 
  2. Cover the cardboard box with the plastic bag using tape or pins.
  3. Place 1 thermometer inside the box, make sure you can read the temperature inside the box, without opening the box. 
  4. Place the heat source/lamp about 30 cm away from the box, and turn it on.
  5. Record temperature every minute for 15 minutes from inside the box and outside. Recording interval may vary according to time and preferences – you may record temperature measurements everyday until you finish the course as well. 
  6.  After collecting data, turn off (or remove) the heat source/lamp. Collect data for another 10 minutes.

Students will recognize  what causes climate change and better understand what needs to be done to reduce its effects.  Also, evaluate the long-term consequences of atmospheric CO2 accumulation on biodiversity by comparing their collected data and temperature data from any of the bio-systems from the bio-hub. They will explain how burning fossil fuels has changed the atmosphere and will be able to differentiate and relate greenhouse effect and global warming. 

Students should understand and apply different concepts and processes during and after the activity.

  • Communication
  • Math Application
  • Digital Competence
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Applied Science
  • Science literacy